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SEX Continues To Sell Well At Airlift Productions

9c8980092c6baa5cb82835995209d93eIt occurs to me that my last several blogs have dealt with Life’s Rear View mirror (history), so let’s pump the brakes just a second and re-enter the 21st century – in fact, a poker-hot July at the Airlift Productions Studios in NOLA.

From the days of the Mad Men in the ’60s to today, let’s face it, SEX sells! Folks will part with their last dollar to find it, thrill to it, and hang on to it. The magic allure of sex is a well that the Madison Avenue crowd will always draw from.  Always.  And in all ways.

I was reminded of this just this past Wednesday as the phone rang from Madison Avenue in NYC looking for some help on a project for Yves Saint Laurent.  The boys were curious if I could find some time to record an actor while he was filming for HBO in New Orleans.

Ah-h, sure, let me check my schedule.

So, in the middle of cranking out some new night club commercials (also involving sex and the search for same), I agreed to record Edoardo Ballerini on behalf of Yves Saint Laurent for Moritz & Company in Manhattan.

NYC-based Film/TV actor Edoardo Ballerini records VoiceOver for Yves Saint Laurent at Airlift Productions NOLA

Check this dude out. Perhaps you’ve already witnessed Edoardo’s talents on the Sopranos or Boardwalk Empire on HBO.  It was further work with the Home Box Office crowd that brought him to NOLA.  His new show, coming soon, is called “Quarry”.

What a stud. Edoardo blew through the Airlift Studio doors yesterday afternoon with all the swag of Johnny Depp … only with more talent! His zen-like, laser-focused mic techniques – honed through his recording of over one hundred audio books – were most impressive.  Listen here to just a bit of this week’s magic captured by the Airlift Productions mics …

** Edoardo Ballerini talks for Yves Saint Laurent, 7-16-15 **

Ballerini on-camera playing shoot-em-up
Ballerini on-camera playing shoot-em-up

This guy’s skill set is just off the charts.  Not only is he bilingual, fluent in Italian as well, but he studied Latin while on a scholarship – in Rome.  And his relaxed and self-assured looks allow him to fit into any era on film.  And play good guy or bad – with style.

In fact, as we discussed his life yesterday after our session, while he banged on my guitar in the Airlift Studios Green Room, I felt somewhat envious. Edoardo jets between NYC and NOLA, playing out the lives of fascinating folks on sets and sound stages …. while yours truly makes a living from the solitude of a dimly-lit, tricked-out digital cave.

Airlift Productions, New Orleans

But it’s funny, ya know,  the Great Spirit has kept things in such perfect balance that one cannot lose one thing without gaining another. One door may close, but a window will open.

And a fine digital cave it is. And I have my privacy. And flying is for the birds.  And the inquisitive fingers of prying TSA agents.

Which brings us back to sex.

And it continues to sell – well at Airlift Productions.

** A couple recent radio thirties for the gang at Legends Encore from Airlift Mike & the Airlift Productions Studios **



DaleAnthonySmithRecordsWithAirliftProductionsNOLA“It has been my pleasure to collaborate with Mike at Airlift on a variety of projects from sound effects for museum films, to narration for corporate and commercial work, to high end deeply layered radio spots.  In every case, he has maintained the highest standards of production that equal anything produced in New York or LA. He is dedicated, tireless, dependable and truly enjoys his work to the point of making the process actually fun. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to my colleagues or anyone seeking a totally professional sound track.”  ~ DALE ANTHONY SMITH, Designer/Producer at Multi-Media Corporation, NOLA


Airlift Productions ~ Audio Alchemy from New Orleans since 1984

Airlift Mike Rings The Dinner Bell For N’awlins

Anna Mae's Restaurant Opening In Metairie
Anna Mae’s Restaurant Opening In Metairie at the same location as Legends Encore Night club

So, in a city internationally known for it’s incredible cuisine, exactly how do you put the spin on yet another entree into an already crowded field?

How do you make that new entree sizzle, bite, and cut through the clutter?

Keep it real.  Keep it honest.  

** Airlift Mike “Straight Talk” :30 for Anna Mae’s Restaurant **

Airlift Productions’ Micheal Ziants putting in another day at the office

And just last night at the “Soft Opening” party, as I finished my last-bite-as-good-as-the-first of grilled chicken fettuccine alfredo, I had to admit that I sure knew what I was talking about.

Tasked to write, voice and produce a radio campaign to introduce a brand new restaurant is a pretty daunting challenge but I guess you could say that I really sank my teeth into it.

** Airlift Mike’s “Be Anna-mazed” radio :30 **

And adding a piece of real bluesy Clapton-ish feel-good music, a few sound effects, and a clever turn of a phrase branding element sure does add some pepper to the pitch.

Oh, and we can’t leave out the desserts! While most folks talk of calorie-laden, decadent-sounding desserts using the phrase “to die for”, at Anna Mae’s we take a different tactic…

Along with an intro at the top that pokes a bit of fun at the phone-obsessed texting crowd that just can’t seem to tear themselves away from their last message or entry.

** Airlift Mike talks “Just Desserts” for Anna Mae’s **

In fact, the only thing I enjoyed more than coming up with the ideas, writing and producing these radio spots … was actually EATING there at Anna Mae’s.


So, brunch, lunch or dinner, if you can’t catch me around the Airlift Productions Studios … you’ll know where to find me.

Airlift Productions ~ Audio Alchemy from NOLA since 1984

Radio-Active Airlift Mike in 2015

New Orleans Voice Talent Micheal Ziants puts in another ‘day at the office’ via Airlift Productions

The life of a Voice Talent is certainly never boring.  One day you’re asked to be totally serious in a video narration for offshore oil exploration or shipyard construction efforts … and the next day (sometimes the same day) you’re tasked and asked to cut loose!

One of my new fave accounts is a night club just outside New Orleans in Metairie called Legends Encore, a fave hangout for decades for the single- (and some not-so)-and-ready-to-mingle crowd.  Copious amounts of alcohol + really LOUD cover bands = more fun than human beings ought to be allowed to have.

So, my first shot across the New Year bow for Nick and Chad includes a tip of the hat to New Year’s resolutions, exercise, staying healthy, and forgetting Match & E-Harmony-dot-com in favor of the old school approach.

As well as cameo appearances from Homer Simpson and Matt LeBlanc as his legendary Joey character from’Friends’, all cast against Robin & Pharell’s ‘Blurred Lines’.   And it all comes out of the car dashboard radio speaker like this …..

** Legends Encore Night Club Radio :30 ~ penned, voiced & produced by Airlift’s Micheal Ziants **

Yes, having FUN is good for you! If there’s a real resolution in your New Year of 2015, that’s got to be it.

Catch up with us anytime at Airlift Productions Recording Studio … or if you want to go old-school, pick up that phone and CALL # 504.833.8450

To get that Big Phat Sound nothing beats mixing analog with digital ** it’s Airlift Mike at the Spirit Soundcraft mixing desk, perfecting a compressed mix ** Airlift Productions, NOLA