Airlift Mike Rings The Dinner Bell For N’awlins

Anna Mae's Restaurant Opening In Metairie
Anna Mae’s Restaurant Opening In Metairie at the same location as Legends Encore Night club

So, in a city internationally known for it’s incredible cuisine, exactly how do you put the spin on yet another entree into an already crowded field?

How do you make that new entree sizzle, bite, and cut through the clutter?

Keep it real.  Keep it honest.  

** Airlift Mike “Straight Talk” :30 for Anna Mae’s Restaurant **

Airlift Productions’ Micheal Ziants putting in another day at the office

And just last night at the “Soft Opening” party, as I finished my last-bite-as-good-as-the-first of grilled chicken fettuccine alfredo, I had to admit that I sure knew what I was talking about.

Tasked to write, voice and produce a radio campaign to introduce a brand new restaurant is a pretty daunting challenge but I guess you could say that I really sank my teeth into it.

** Airlift Mike’s “Be Anna-mazed” radio :30 **

And adding a piece of real bluesy Clapton-ish feel-good music, a few sound effects, and a clever turn of a phrase branding element sure does add some pepper to the pitch.

Oh, and we can’t leave out the desserts! While most folks talk of calorie-laden, decadent-sounding desserts using the phrase “to die for”, at Anna Mae’s we take a different tactic…

Along with an intro at the top that pokes a bit of fun at the phone-obsessed texting crowd that just can’t seem to tear themselves away from their last message or entry.

** Airlift Mike talks “Just Desserts” for Anna Mae’s **

In fact, the only thing I enjoyed more than coming up with the ideas, writing and producing these radio spots … was actually EATING there at Anna Mae’s.


So, brunch, lunch or dinner, if you can’t catch me around the Airlift Productions Studios … you’ll know where to find me.

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