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Radio-Active Airlift Mike in 2015

New Orleans Voice Talent Micheal Ziants puts in another ‘day at the office’ via Airlift Productions

The life of a Voice Talent is certainly never boring.  One day you’re asked to be totally serious in a video narration for offshore oil exploration or shipyard construction efforts … and the next day (sometimes the same day) you’re tasked and asked to cut loose!

One of my new fave accounts is a night club just outside New Orleans in Metairie called Legends Encore, a fave hangout for decades for the single- (and some not-so)-and-ready-to-mingle crowd.  Copious amounts of alcohol + really LOUD cover bands = more fun than human beings ought to be allowed to have.

So, my first shot across the New Year bow for Nick and Chad includes a tip of the hat to New Year’s resolutions, exercise, staying healthy, and forgetting Match & E-Harmony-dot-com in favor of the old school approach.

As well as cameo appearances from Homer Simpson and Matt LeBlanc as his legendary Joey character from’Friends’, all cast against Robin & Pharell’s ‘Blurred Lines’.   And it all comes out of the car dashboard radio speaker like this …..

** Legends Encore Night Club Radio :30 ~ penned, voiced & produced by Airlift’s Micheal Ziants **

Yes, having FUN is good for you! If there’s a real resolution in your New Year of 2015, that’s got to be it.

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To get that Big Phat Sound nothing beats mixing analog with digital ** it’s Airlift Mike at the Spirit Soundcraft mixing desk, perfecting a compressed mix ** Airlift Productions, NOLA