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Christmas Eve in Newtown

Memorial to the Sandy Hook Elementary boys & girls of Newtown
Chalked Memorial to the Sandy Hook Elementary boys & girls of Newtown

How sadly ironic that in the very week we commemorate the third year anniversary of the tragic heartrending loss at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown … that we hear just this morning of the closing of all schools in the Los Angeles school district due to a “credible threat” of intended harm to it’s students.

Amid all the Christmas decorations and office parties, Nativity scenes and holiday joy – must America now in 2015 add the word ‘terror’? 

And whether the threat in LA came from within or from without these shores, the question on many lips this Christmas is this … has America lost its soul?

Or is this, perhaps, how we go about collectively regaining it?

SandyHookNewtownBusFrom Newtown to San Bernardino; from Charleston to Aurora; are these gun-control issues or people-control issues … or maybe, just maybe, SOUL-control issues? 


If, as the great soul Emerson so eloquently reminded us, “The ancestor to every action is a thought”, what are you thinking about?

Every thing here in the physical plane began as a thought. Every building, every bridge, every novel, every relationship … indeed every child begins with a thought.

The bright young souls lost in Newtown, CT three years ago this week, on 12-14-12
The bright young souls lost in Newtown, CT three years ago this week, on 12-14-12

Every single child slain at Sandy Hook Elementary three years ago this week began, as the expression goes, as “a gleam in the old man’s eye”.

So, if you’re reading these words, nodding your head in agreement – GUARD your thoughts, POLICE your own actions, CHANGE the negative pictures! If you, the reader of these words, is not in charge of your own thoughts, I’d like to respectfully ask you – who IS?

In the end, none of us is able to change the cards we are dealt in life. Our only choice in the matter is how we play the hand. Play wisely.

Our fitting tribute to the victims of not only Newtown, but San Bernardino, Charleston, Aurora, Tucson, and a frighteningly-long list is this …

As Gandhi himself so succinctly phrased it – “BE the change you wish to see in the world”.  And IncreaseThePeace.


Jesus-Earth“Christmas Eve in Newtown” ~ with thoughts gathered from the internet, music from Danny Elfman, produced and narrated by Airlift Productions’ Micheal Ziants

~ Christmas Eve in Newtown, recorded 12-24-12 @ Airlift ~


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Timeless Cherokee Thought for 21st Century Man

Airlift Productions NOLA Proprietor Micheal Ziants at age 25 in the woods of Pennsylvania, in a reflective picture taken by an old friend back in the day … with a vision from and for the Cherokee


Since the dawn of recorded time the world’s philosophers have disagreed on many things, but on this one point they are all in unison.
As a man Thinks … so he Is! 
What can any of us act on … but what we choose to think about? Thought creates reality. Thought, while invisible to man’s five senses … is the most powerful force in the universe.
As Emerson so eloquently phrased it, “The ancestor to every action … is a thought.”
Every building, every highway, every hit song, every book, everyTHING – including you & me – has at it’s root an invisible, imperceptible to the senses … THOUGHT!
According to the universal law of cause & effect, our thought is ‘father’ not only to our every deed, but to every condition we attract!
In the days before what we call ‘America’ was born, in fact in the days when all Europe was but a wilderness, the natives on these shores knew that.
Thousands of years before the time of Abraham, before King David, before those we call the Christ, the Buddha, and Muhammad walked among us … the Cherokee taught their young this same weighty philosophical issue late at night before sleep around the campfires.
The Story of the Two Wolves.
Every moment of every day, select and choose your thoughts wisely … for from your thought springs your action, deed and virtue.  Which wolf wins? The one you feed!
Now, if you, the reader of these words – this ‘thought’ – are nodding your head in agreement as you read along, vow today to take action. Take control of your own mind. Do not allow yourself the ‘luxury’ of a negative, harmful thought.
After all, if you are not in charge of every morsel of food that passes your lips … and every thought that passes through your mind, I’d like to respectfully ask you – who is?
Feed the Right Wolf!


With bountiful blessings, heartfelt prayers, and a fervent wish to IncreaseThePeace … from New Orleans, the new Jer-USA-lem, and Airlift Productions.  ~ Micheal

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