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The Law, Sex & Guitars… Metaphors & More ~ Courtesy Airlift Productions

A TV Screenshot of New Orleans “Legal-Minute” Attorney Greg DiLeo, plying his trade via N’awlins flat screens all over town

If you live in or around metro New Orleans, his messages are everywhere and unmistakable.  As N’awlins “Legal Minute” attorney, Greg DiLeo – on TV, radio, even I-phone apps –  makes legal matters, well, um … matter!

But what many do not know is that this is one extremely talented and versatile dude! He can ‘pound the boards’ at local theaters on-stage, sing, play the guitar & harmonica … and even compose & write his own songs. Well!

Attorney by day, song writer & troubadour by night, Greg DiLeo  records his music at Airlift Productions

And one thing, among others, that separates me from the 1001 other VoiceOver dudes all over the internet is that I own and operate a REAL recording studio! And I know how to use it.

So, this past week Greg returned to the Airlift Productions Studios, along with a couple kindred spirits, to put the finishing touches on the salty, colorful, metaphor-filled, Leon-Redbone-ish “Mississippi River Bridge”.  A torch song it ain’t.

With an amazingly brilliant touch on the violin, NOCCA grad and local star Donald Surtain dropped by to drop his tracks.  Perhaps you caught Donald in the Academy Award winning “12 Years A Slave” playing the REAL violin beside Chewitel Ejiofor in a scene or two.

Violin Virtuoso Donald Surtain lays down his totally awesome violin tracks at Airlift Productions January 2015 (photo by: Ben Ziants)

In any event, Donald, who plays live with Greg around town, along with percussionist extraordinaire Michael Skinkus stopped by to add their two cents. Gee, I found myself googling and you-tubing the Cajon to find out exactly what in the heck this thing even was.

The Cajon (ka-HONE) is of African-Peruvian descent and could best be described as a drum kit ‘in-a-box’, and one plays it by sitting on it and banging on it. So, add a couple of cymbals for flourishing finishing touches and you’re good-to-go.

Enter Michael Skinkus on the Cajon ….

Percussionist Extraordinaire Michael Skinkus entertains on “MS River Bridge” at Airlift Productions, NOLA January 2015 (photo by: Ben Ziants)

Oh-kay now, take Greg DiLeo’s thought-provoking lyrics & melody + Greg’s penetrating vocals + Greg’s sizzling guitar + Donald Surtain’s velvet violin + Michael Skinkus’ toe-tapping Cajon & Cymbals and it all = 1 Amazingly Fun tune!

Crank-up the speakers on your designated digital device and LISTEN.  “Mississippi River Bridge” sounds like this —

** “Mississippi River Bridge” recorded at Airlift Productions **

Yes, TV-Radio Attorney by Day and Song Writer & Troubadour by Night Greg DiLeo continues to mystify and amaze us with his masterful microphone maneuvers.  Catch-up with more of his passion at his music web site here ~ Greg DiLeo Music

And tell ’em Airlift Mike sent you.

(L-R) Airlift’s Micheal Ziants, Violinist Donald Surtain, and Performer Greg DiLeo, along with his seriously serious ’bout bein’ serious face on … at the Airlift Productions Studios, NOLA January 2015 (photo by: Ben Ziants)

“Where the warmth of analogue lives … and the lightning speed of digital delivers” ~ Airlift Productions, NOLA