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The Law, Sex & Guitars At Airlift Productions


TV Ad ScreenShot of Greg DiLeo, New Orleans Legal-Minute Attorney … plying his trade.

If you live in or around metro New Orleans, this dude needs no introduction.  Greg DiLeo is Everywhere! Television, Radio, Internet … even on iPhone apps.

I first met Greg through a mutual acquaintance, the lovely & talented Leslie Hoffman, who informed me that Greg was looking for a studio and a quality engineer to help him record an album.

Greg, shoulder-to-shoulder with Airlift Productions proprietor Micheal Ziants

Enter Airlift Mike.

You see, one thing, among others, that separates me from the ‘1,001+and-counting’ other VoiceOver dudes and dudesses all over the internet is that I operate a real, genuine, bonafide, fully tricked-out recording studio!

And I know how to use it.

If, by chance, you only peruse these blogs for my occasional wit & whimsy and have never taken a peek at my room, my totally awesome more-than-a-man cave, it looks like this —-

Airlift PROductions Recording Studio, New Orleans, LA, USA, Earth – 2016

I designed, built and wired this facility, from the ground up.  It’s where the warmth of analogue lives … and the  lightning speed of digital delivers!

But, back to Greg.  And the Law, Sex and Guitars.

As it turns out, this man of the law is extremely gifted and talented, and just loves to write, compose, play, sing and perform with his guitar, among other things.  Throughout our months of recording his album, he brought in 12-strings, harmonica, drum kits, melotron … even a hammered dulcimer!

Together, we recorded everything from introspective, heartfelt ballads to rip-snorting rock ‘n roll.  But my fave just has to be this little ditty he composed about, um… well, his girlfriend’s sex toys.  We affectionately entitled it ‘Toys On the Shelf’, and it goes like this….

~ “Toys on the Shelf”, written & performed by Greg DiLeo, with                                                    Airlift Mike riding shotgun ~

This one’s on the house.  If you want to hear the balance of our collective collaborative efforts, track him down on I-Tunes or CD Baby for the rest.

Yes, Greg DiLeo is more than an attorney.  And yours truly is a lot more than just another VoiceOver dude.

And, in the future, should I catch you smiling – broadly – the next time a Greg DiLeo TV or radio spot airs, or the I-phone app flares …. just you & I will know why.

(L-R) Scottish Rocker & NBC’s ‘The Voice’ finalist Terry McDermott, Attorney Greg DiLeo, Airlift resident rascal Micheal Ziants during a session

Airlift PROductions ~ Audio Alchemy from New Orleans since 1984


GregDiLeoRecordsAtAirliftProductionsNOLA“Micheal Ziants was a pleasure to work with, and he took my creative process and turned it into something I am proud to have on iTunes for sale.  I intended to come in to the studio and to take days for a final product, but Mike was like a second musical force in the room, moving the process along until we had a finished product I was happy with and proud to play.

And he always brought out the most beautiful sounds out of my instruments.  I have a home studio with ProTools and all the bells and whistles added on, and I can’t get the warmth and presence that he pulls out of my recordings.  Kudos to Airlift.” — GREG DiLEO