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It’s An Airlift To Dubai – And the “Anderson Cooper of the Middle East”

Ibrahim Alshamrani’s  “60-Minutes-Style” Twitter Account Screenshot

Especially given the current political-religious intolerant issues of the planet Earth today, I didn’t quite know what to expect when the phone rang that Saturday night in March 2018 at the Airlift Studios .

It was a video producer pal of mine, founder of NolaVid, Max Cusimano, wondering if I could make time for a special Saturday night audio session for Ibrahim and Ali.

Middle East Broadcasting – MBC, Dubai – “Nerve Center”

As it turns out, Ibrahim Alshamrani heads-up the investigative reporting for MBC (Middle East Broadcasting) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and was in New Orleans that weekend tracking-down leads on a now-three-year-old cold case.

Ali comes from a large Muslim family and had a brother who ‘went missing’ from the streets of New Orleans three years back and, together with Ibrahim, was looking for more than clues.

So, after shooting all of his on-site noisy & loud French Quarter/New Orleans video with Max, Ibrahim was in need of a professional, relaxed and QUIET studio to record all the VoiceOver to tie everything together.

Enter Airlift Productions and Airlift Mike.

Dubai’s MBC Investigative Reporter Ibrahim Alshamrani records News Story VoiceOver at Airlift Productions in New Orleans, March 2018

World traveled, intensely focused, highly intelligent, passionate and compassionate, Ibrahim went right to work.

After downloading his script to the iPad, he hit the booth. And while I do not understand a bit of the Arabic tongue – I could sure feel the professionalism, the dedication, and the passion…

*** Arabic VoiceOver from Dubai’s Ibrahim Alshamrani ***

Interesting and downright fascinating, isn’t it?

Here’s a boy from Pennsylvania (yours truly), transplanted to New Orleans, recording a hot-shot investigative reporter from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates – for VoiceOver targeted to over 150 million Arabs in the middle east!

Proving, without a doubt, the engaging, enriching, stereotype-defying, and awesome reach of not only technology –  but the Brotherhood of VoiceOver.

And Man.


Rhiannon Boulger & Airlift Mike at the Airlift Studios NOLA 1-6-17

“Thank you Michael for being so accommodating, and making my job truly enjoyable. I’ve recorded in many professional studios all around Australia throughout the years, but I felt right at home and was really impressed with the huge Airlift Productions recording space & booth you built. Recording with you was as easy as if I were in my own studio back in Australia – and that really makes for a successful session. All your wonderful compliments didn’t hurt the vibe either! My ego appreciates your generous, kind words. Thanks again for being such a gentleman.” ~ Rhiannon Boulger, Aussie VoiceOver Talent/Shell Oil Spokesperson


Airlift Productions ~ Audio Alchemy & Digital Magic from New Orleans – since 1984.  

Airlift Mike & A Planet That Gets Smaller Every Day!

The WORLD wide web? You betcha’!
While NOLA recovers from yet another Mardi Gras and our visitors return to all points of the globe, I was reminded of the incredible reach of the internet and the web just this weekend as Airlift Productions & I received two emails – from Israel & China.
A film-scoring musician checked-in from Israel looking to ‘score’ U.S.-based work, and a pen pal (20th century slang) wrote me from China. I guess you’ve heard of renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma … well, meet my VoiceOver pen pal, formerly of Beijing – Yuyu He (or David) ….
“Yo Mike,

I am not in Beijing anymore, for it’s a very busy city with very high life cost. I am back in my hometown Yueyang, a southern city, it is like Seattle in US, rainy in most time of a year. I need time to fix myself in.

Fortunately, the food is great, girls are hot, cars are less, life is quiet, I start to enjoy my life at my age of 30. As for my voice work, I work harder,making demos, visit clients, though it’s a bit quiet market. USA is definitely my most want-to-go place, in the world, now I have a new destination by Missisipi river. I could see you are proud to be a people of New Orleans, that is great.

All the best

Yuyu (David)”

Yes, the world of VoiceOver is quite the fraternity. Nice to hear that some things truly are universal – VoiceOver work can be hard … and girls are still hot!

And it certainly is reassuring that given the unrest, strife & turf wars that still exist around much of the planet, that the passion for a craft like VoiceOver and the love of communication can still unite us like a band of brothers.


~ To Communicate is the Beginning of Understanding.

Airlift Productions Communicates ~