Panda Bears, Sex & VoiceOvers, Oh my!

panda-sitting-on-woodNever let it be said that the recording arts & sciences, nor life in NOLA, are ever boring.


So, I get this email from Jamie last week about help with a voice-over audition for a cartoon about animals and sex.

Well, now that I have your attention.

It’s adult. It’s an un-named project. And it’s damned fun. And funny!

Jamie Neumann records VoiceOver cartoon tracks at Airlift Productions

Jamie Neumann‘s skill set is just off the charts. She brings an enthusiasm, acting chops and range to the microphone that simply mystify and amaze.

New Orleans will miss her across most of the spring and summer because she’s off to NYC to work with David Simon’s crew on the new HBO show “The Deuce”, all about the porn industry’s early days in Times Square.

Oh boy.

Jamie will work alongside James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal as the hooker who falls for her john.  (sigh) Yes, a love story. 🙂

Jamie Neumann playing panda patty-cake at the Airlift Productions mics, Easter weekend 2016

In the meantime, she’s slumming with yours truly, Airlift Mike, around the Airlift Studio microphones, trolling for work – as a panda-on-the-make!

Give a listen to a panda bear named Heather, detailing her… well, ah, experience.

A-hem! Like I said. Never boring.

It may only be early Spring, but the Heat’s ON at Airlift Productions!


Charlyne Fabi“Micheal is an amazing talent. We were faced with several issues on a recent project and he was incredibly proactive in finding the perfect solution. He worked tirelessly and at lightning speed to create music that not only made our client happy but also garnered industry recognition.” ~ Charlyne Fabi, Creative Director, Right Hat LLC, Chicago, Illinois


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