Airlift Productions Goes LIVE ON-AIR In San Francisco?

Memphis University Professor SHAUN GALLAGHER goes LIVE On-Air in San Francisco from Airlift Productions New Orleans

The email from KALW Radio & Stanford University came to my attention in mid-April.

The producer – Devon Strolovitch – was looking for a New Orleans-based recording studio to host a visiting big-wig professor and author for a live broadcast over the San Francisco airwaves.

Being a former major market (Philadelphia-St. Louis-Nashville) radio air personality and a current studio owner-operator here in NOLA, I was intrigued.

Furthermore, as a lifelong student of philosophy, world religions & mystical thought, when I found out more details about the station, the show, and the professor, I said, “Devon, I’m IN!”

KALW Radio is the oldest FM signal west of the Mississippi River, operates as the public conscience of the great city of San Francisco, and every Sunday airs a show called “Philosophy Talk”.

** A recent promo airing on KALW to promote a “Medical Consent” show, using Ray Charles music & Leslie Nielsen humor? Too Hip! **

As fates would have it, Memphis University’s Professor Shaun Gallagher was visiting relatives in New Orleans on this particular weekend, and he needed some help.

So I hooked him up.

From NOLA to San Francisco – LIVE!

While, at the same time, recording his wave files to computer, for later use, on the Philosophy Talk podcast, to live forever on I-Tunes, CD Baby, and on’s website.

Sample just a taste of this heady, intellectual and erudite Sunday morning San Francisco broadcast here …

** Shaun Gallagher discusses phenomenology over coffee with KALW host Ken Taylor, Sunday 4-23-27 from Airlift Productions **

I even told Shaun that Ralph Waldo & Henry David had been my metaphysical, space-cowboy running partners for years, and how Emerson & Thoreau had taught me to “build the better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to my door”.

He said, “Really?”

I said, “Well, look, doc, you’re here! Aren’t you?”

Shaun certainly had no philosophical argument to that.

What he DID have a problem with was his Uber lift to the train station after the session.

The guy stiffed him and never showed to pick him up.

So, I dropped everything and gave Shaun a lift down to catch the Amtrak back to Memphis.

After all, he had class first thing in the morning.

And I’m just that kind of guy.

And the Philosophy beat… must …. go … on.



“Mike is a craftsman.  You don’t often hear that word when describing digital media, but it most certainly applies to work done at AIRLIFT PRODUCTIONS.  Mike’s  produced literally thousands of audio segments for me,  and they’ve all sounded perfect.  He also understands how to get things done!  I wish all of my contractors were as responsive and committed to meeting deadlines.  You’re in good hands with AIRLIFT PRODUCTIONS.” ~ Ethan Anderson, Former Manager of Multi-Media Development for JRL Enterprises, Creators of the “I CAN Learn” Mathematics Educational Software



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