Airlift Mike Advising Women?! Really?

Airlift Productions’ Micheal Ziants putting in another day at the office


You know, the life of a VoiceOver actor is never boring.  

While I’ve never been to medical school, or even dreamed of being a doctor, as the joke goes – “I’ve played one on TV!”  From narrations inside museums – I’ve been the voice of a talking king cake – to toys that talk, I have helped bring some of the strangest things to life.

But the call came in this week to come to the rescue of a financial adviser (who here will remain nameless)  who wanted to cast a big net for women concerned about (gasp!) – growing older!  Outliving their men, as well as their $$ money in their golden years.

Airlift Mike to the rescue!

Now, if you know me or anything at all about my personal life, you’d know that I’d be the last guy in the world to ever try to offer advice of any kind to a woman.  I mean, my track record with the opposite sex has been anything but stellar.

So-o, l took a couple rather deep breaths, swallowed hard, and plumbed the depths ~ as well as my acting chops ~  for some thoughtful, pensive and compassionate tones, cozied-up to the microphone and delivered this ….

Micheal Ziants ~  Investment/Retirement Advice for Women ~ V/O

Airlift PROductions Recording Studio … to the rescue from New Orleans since 1984

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