Tour Airlift Productions NOLA – Now!

Broadcast Veteran – and Actor – Micheal Ziants, plying his trade at the Airlift Studios

Exactly how DOES one capture 30+ Years of Passion & Purpose – and, at the same time, project into the future?

Experience, quality work, testimonials, client lists, dogged determination & persistence are but words on paper.

Or digital characters displayed on a flat screen.

But America loves its videos. Oh, how we watch videos.

Cats falling off sofas, dogs that talk, folks falling off diving boards and couches caught unaware…

Well, take your own personally guided tour of my Airlift Productions Studios here in New Orleans via YouTube here, now.

And, what exactly will 2016 – and Beyond – hold  for Airlift Productions & me?

Well, as they say in the advertising world, “Watch this space”.

We’ll keep the studio cookin’ and  make sure that the mics all warmed up for you.

Oh, and be watching for that totally excellent shadow-doggie-on-mic video!


  i-can-learn_cd“Mike is a craftsman.  You don’t often hear that word when describing digital media, but it most certainly applies to work done at AIRLIFT PRODUCTIONS.  Mike’s  produced literally thousands of audio segments for me,  and they’ve all sounded perfect.  He also understands how to get things done!  I wish all of my contractors were as responsive and committed to meeting deadlines.  You’re in good hands with AIRLIFT PRODUCTIONS.” ~ Ethan Anderson, Former Manager of Multi-Media Development for JRL Enterprises, Creators of the “I CAN Learn” Mathematics Educational Software
          – – – ETHAN ANERSON,  Manager of Multimedia Developm

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