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SuperMoon 2014 Musings On “The HereAfter”


So, get caught up in the game all you want, but when you get right down to it … all Life –  as we know it here on the 3rd rock from the sun – is nothing more than an elaborate sexually transmitted disease!

And, this just in, the Leading cause of Death … is Birth.  Just ask Tommy Ramone, Casey Kasem, or Phillip Seymour Hoffman.  Or, for that matter, the dozens of SIDS victims this week alone who never even got their chance.

As you meditate upon the SuperMoon hanging low in the summer sky this weekend, pause to consider … not a one of us is sure exactly how we got here, why we are here, or when we go home.  But of one thing we are all certain.

You and I both have – like the milk jugs on the refrigerator door – an expiration date stamped on our forehead that we just can’t quite read.  And we all hang by a slim thread from the tree of this life … never knowing the day or the hour.

OK, so do we meditate on this eternally universal truth to depress us … or to liberate and motivate us?  The answer is quite obvious.

We cannot change the cards we’ve been dealt.  Our only choice in the matter is how we play the hand!  Life is not – as the saying goes – ‘a bitch, and then you die’, it’s more like – Life is this grand and glorious, bodacious Amusement Park that mom & dad bought and paid our ticket for when they did the horizontal hokey pokey.

(To continue the metaphor) We only get so many rides around that sun.  And, just like the merry-go-round ride, Life goes Up & Down, and round ‘n round … and eventually comes to an end.  Oh, and you must be this spiritually tall to continue riding the ride. 🙂

So as you meditate on that big, fat SuperMoon this weekend,  just a couple thoughts to ponder ….

‘That which was never born … can never die’.  

The biggest part of ANY of us – isn’t reflected in a mirror, doesn’t show up on a scale, and will never be found in an autopsy.

And my favorite zen koan (riddle),  ‘Who were you … before your mother & father met?’

~ Respectfully, Micheal Z @ Airlift, NOLA

p.s. And should you get a chance, increasethepeace ….mgz

SuperMoon hanging low over Broadway, New York City