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My Reality Check Bounced. A Long Time Ago.


My very first 'selfie'
My very first ‘selfie’


Sunday mornings around the Airlift Studios have a different beat … a different vibe. Reflective.  Quiet.  Thoughtful.  Picture Paul & Art in the background,  choirboys Simon & Garfunkel harmonizing and that would be about right.

Problem is, I’ve never been ‘right’.  Except when the whole world turns Left.

As America gobbles down fast food by the truck-full – I’ve got the crock pot going in the kitchen – for eight hours.

While most folks knock themselves out in a morning commute to a job – I’m traveling up-hill at ten mph on a Nordic track cross-country ski machine – meditating!

Even people who don’t know the most – know that I believe in ghosts.  

Truth be known,  I’ve always been this intensely mystical, metaphysical space cowboy.  Color outside the lines?  You mean, there are lines?

Nip it, tuck it, tint it, lift it … do what you will with the body, but it’s just a place your memories call home.  And at the end … it’s just a fingerprint that your soul has left behind.  Really.

Reality?  It’s all in the eyes of the beholder.  Or in the eyes of the beer-holder – in bars & nightclubs all around America last night.

Complaints?  Mine are few.  My life has been blessed with many fascinating and captivating women across many state lines and across many decades. 

I’ve seen sorrow and I’ve seen pain.  I’ve been burnt by the blazing sun … and drowned in the pouring rain.

But through it all – Spirit, Music & Humor have always seen me through … to the other side. 

A classic case in point – I once received a post card from the ex-wife containing the image below, and the note said simply … “Having a great time, wish you were here.” 🙂 


The blue marble - 3rd rock from the sun
The blue marble – 3rd rock from the sun