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Airlift Productions “Cajun-izes” Houston Radio

Cajun VoiceOver Talent LUNO BORDELON reels-in the Big One while taking some time off in Hawaii (but would a Real Cajun be caught dead in these shorts? LOL, LMFAO, WTH? OK, well, … maybe in camo )

Truth be known, it’s a bit hard to put a price tag on my abiding, enduring friendship and decades-long love affair with this crazy Cajun Luno Bordelon!

After all, we’ve been witness-to and IN each other’s weddings … and have watched each other’s kids grow… and grow...

Through the Airlift Productions Recording Studios and Luno’s wild, inventive and contagiously engaging VoiceOvers we’ve recorded for the TV and radio, we’ve sold more products & services together than you can shake a big fish at!

And this is since years before anyone ever heard of a ‘Duck Dynasty’. 

Most recently (like 48 hours ago?), Luno & I shouldered the awesome responsibility of “Cajun-izing” unsuspecting Houstonians.  Imagine the alarm clock radio popping-off at a bleary-eyed 6:30 am to this —-

~ Cajun VoiceOver Talent LUNO BORDELON charms Houston via Airlift Productions, on behalf of Brooks & his krewe at BB’s Cafe, “the Home of Tex-Orleans cooking” on this :60 radio spot ~

Luno Bordelon, together with his lovely bride Karen, taking some much needed R&R from the Airlift microphones


BB’s Cafe Proprietor Brooks Bassler gave us main copy points – you know, stuff that just HAD to be in the spots –  but otherwise, just turned us loose to have some creative & off-the-wall Cajun fun!

Pooyie, cher!  Crank it up!

~BB’s Cafe, Houston Radio :30s from Cajun V/O Talent LUNO BORDELON & Airlift Productions~

I know, I know, no one should be having this much fun at work, now should they?  Well, shame on us.  For true.

You see, having FUN and capturing it through the microphone – creating memorable & effective audio campaigns via sound waves – is what has helped Airlift Productions to survive and thrive across not one, not two… but now three decades!

But, cher, the Airlift Studios are but the tracks that deliver & carry the goods. It’s talent that drives the train.  And my pal Luno Bordelon’s got it in spades!

~ Cajun Comic & VoiceOver Talent LUNO BORDELON Records At Airlift Productions – for YEARS! ~

Why not let Luno & me “bait the hook” for your next project?! Radio, TV, Web-audio, point-of-sale displays, talking toys …. use your imagination!  Because you know WE will.

Airlift PROductions Recording Studio ~  Audio Alchemy from NEW Orleans since 1984